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INTL FCStone U.S. Government Agency Team
For nearly four decades, INTL FCStone has been committed to the U.S. Government Agency market. While market dynamics and regulatory pressures have caused many of our competitors to reduce their exposure to this market, INTL FCStone has remained steadfast, adding capital and footings in order to better position ourselves to serve you, the customer.

Each of our Agency traders specializes in their respective product and portion of the yield curve, and for many of our salespeople, this product is their sole focus. We believe a narrow focus accompanied by deep expertise creates deep value and puts our traders and salespeople in a position to work in unison with our diverse institutional client base. We tailor our services by anticipating needs and customizing our approaches to covering:
  • 2a7 Funds, Corporate Cash, and Short Duration Desks
  • Relative Value, Asset-Liability Management, and Total Return Investors
  • Bank Portfolios
  • Public Entities
  • Private Banks, Wealth Advisors, and Trust Departments
As a member of the FFCB, FHLB, FNMA, and FHLMC selling groups, we are an established underwriter of floaters, bullets, callables, and step up securities. In addition to new issues, we commit balance sheet to the often overlooked Secondary Market. We provide consistent bid-side liquidity and maintain an extensive inventory across all Agency products. Lastly, our inventory is accessible in real time through Bloomberg, various other electronic trading platforms, and

INTL FCStone’s Securitized Products Division
The buy-side has experienced dramatic change in coverage, as sell-side dealers continue to divert capital, personnel and resources away from traditional Mortgage products. This ongoing shift in coverage, combined with the industry's general lack of a consistent commitment to balance sheet, has had, and will continue to have, a negative impact on market liquidity.

As other dealers continue to scale down, the Securitized Products Group maintains its commitment to growing its Mortgage balance sheet by utilizing INTL FCStone's strong capital base, enabling us to provide consistent liquidity to our customers. As a result of this continued focus on Mortgage products, our balance sheet has grown by more than 200% and we now carry in excess of $1bb in inventory across Agency MBS, CMO, and CMBS.

We know Mortgages, and it is our job to understand the complexities inherent in these products. Our team has developed proprietary systems to analyze and uncover hidden pockets of value for Mortgage products before they are priced into the market by analyzing WALA ramps, S-Curves, servicer attributes and the effects of combining secondary attributes on a security's convexity profile.

We also make it our business to build strong relationships with our customers, and work diligently to understand their unique needs and strategies in order to offer consistent value through trade ideas, commentaries, in-depth sector analysis, and market color. INTL FCStone's Securitized Products Group has experienced sales volume growth of more than 150% over the last year due to our team's ability to develop and expand deeply entrenched trading partnerships with a diversified account base of asset managers, insurance companies, banks, pension funds, and state retirement systems.

We are committed to furthering the Securitized Products Group's growth trajectory without compromising our value proposition of offering the highest level of value within each market we trade. Our success is intertwined with that of our customers, and we maintain a commitment to providing them with personalized service even as we continue to grow.

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